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Ensuring Natural Grass Sports Fields Are Safe (2016)

This study presents and evaluates the Good Practice Sports Ground Inspection Form (GPSGIF), which is a checklist designed to help sport organizations, policy makers, and field managers identify injury hazards on natural grass fields. Additionally, it offers training in the use of the GPSGIF, which was determined to reach consensus decisions on field risk assessment in over 80% of its use. In order to see the full version of the GPSGIF one must consult the Australian National Smartplay Program.

Cite: Petrass, L. A., Twomey, D. M., & Finch, C. F. (2016). Ensuring Natural Grass Sports Fields Are Safe for Athlete Participation: A Risk-Assessment Process for Assessing Field Conditions Before Sports Activity. Journal of Applied Sport Management, 8(2), 83-94.


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