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About SEG

The Sport Ecology Group is a community of academics seeking to share our research with a broader audience than traditional academic journals will allow. We are guided by a simple vision: 


imagine if all people understood and supported the environment with the same interest and passion they showed their favorite sports teams.

Our Mission

To produce high-quality research in sport ecology, catalyze industry-academy knowledge exchange, raise public awareness of sport ecology-related topics, and create opportunities for students to learn and grow as professionals.


Meet The Team

SEG Member

Associate Professor at University of Tennessee at Knoxville

SEG Member

Associate Professor at North Carolina State University

SEG Member

MBA Candidate at University of Amsterdam; Former Lecturer at University of Minnesota

SEG Member

Assistant Professor at Florida Southern College

SEG Member

PhD Student at University of Tennessee at Knoxville

SEG Founder & Co-Director

Assistant Professor at SUNY Cortland

SEG Co-Director

Associate Professor at Seattle University

SEG Member

Assistant Professor at Georgia State University