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The Sustainability Report

GSB’s Best and Worst of Green-Sports, 2019

"Madeleine “Maddy” Orr helped launch Sport Ecology Group, a non-profit that takes the growing body of sports-sustainability academic studies and translates them into a language that practitioners can digest. Tiffany Richardson managed a Green Team at the NCAA Men’s Final Four in Minneapolis, while Orr did the same at the Women’s Final Four in Tampa the same weekend." 

The Sustainability Report

Where’s the climate leadership?


"Sustainability in the sport sector is similar to the talented young rookie with bags of potential, but with very little delivery. As a sector, we discuss sustainability as though we’re already performing at a high level. Like we’re out there changing the world, leading the charge. The reality is we’re not."

The Sustainability Report

Sport, climate change and the process of moralisation

"Like many brands, sport has the power to influence the public, whether by perpetuating broken social systems or by promoting positive social change. So then, why don’t we expect sport brands to consistently choose positive social change, and amplify the messages of pressing issues of our time, like climate change?"

The Sustainability Report

Sport Ecology Group preparing to ‘spearhead’ sustainability movement


"McCullough argues that the research mined by the Sport Ecology Group should be used in the same way as other pieces of market research that sports organizations conduct, and that data could increase the value of their sophisticated operations."

Green Sports Blog A Platform for Green-Sports Practitioners To Connect with Academic Research

“Academic journal articles are very important but for the most part, nobody reads them except for other academics. The insights in those articles aren’t getting to the people who need them. That is true in the Green-Sports world. We created to bridge that gap and to become the ‘CliffsNotes’ of sustainable sports." 

- Madeleine Orr

The Sustainability Report

Sport is at risk from climate change and needs a strategy to address it

"the sport sector remains behind the curve in terms of developing risk management frameworks for climate change – much less to determine the best approaches for response"

- Madeleine Orr


Sport ecology: all it is, and all it could be

"the relationship between sport and the natural environment is complex and dynamic, ever-present yet ever-changing, meriting a subdiscipline of its own. What it comes down to, is that sport’s relationship with the natural environment is about more than just recycling and turning off lights"

- Madeleine Orr & Walker Ross

The Sustainability Report

Bold and visionary leaders can make climate action a commercial strength


"Each sport entity is in a position to make sustainability part of the fabric of the organisation to the point where sustainability is the organisational norm and an expected behaviour among employees, participants, fans..." 

- Brian McCullough

Sport Ecology Group Official Launch

(Seattle, WA)(April 22, 2019) Earth Day 2019 on April 22 marks the debut of the Sport Ecology Group - eight sport scholars from around the country that have formed a

research collaborative and public education forum for sport and the natural environment. Read more...

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