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David Orr, renowned environmental educator, once said that climate change is a crisis of education. We agree. The more people know, the more agency they have to effect change.


As educators, we believe in the potential of young people to make waves in the sport space, and in the sustainability space. So, we've put together some resources for teachers and university professors to discuss sport ecology topics in their classes.

Sport Ecology Organizations: News

Sport Ecology Reading List

The SEG annual reading lists are a collection of academic articles that are shared with the public each summer. Each article on this list has been chosen by the SEG membership for its scope, rigour, approach, or unique insights. Upon request, PDFs of articles in this list can be shared with partners and clients of the SEG.


This is a living document and thus, it is updated regularly.

The Sport Ecology Glossary was written by our team to ensure the vocabulary and terminology of our work is clear and accessible. 

Check it out

Teaching Sport & Climate 

Lecture slides and a teaching guide

In celebration of Climate Week 2019, the SEG membership has compiled a set of lecture slides to help sport professors bring climate change conversations into the classroom.

Lecture slides: 10 Things You Should Know About Sport & Climate

We've also developed an accompanying teaching guide, that goes with the slides. The teaching guide includes talking points, discussion questions, and clickable additional resources for each of the '10 things you should know about sport & climate', as well as an action list: '99 ways students can be more environmentally sustainable'.

Teaching guide: Teaching Sport & Climate​

Classroom Lecture
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