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Our team believes that climate action is a team sport. We welcome the opportunity to work with sports organizations who agree.

Each partnership is unique and each partner brings value and perspective to the table. Here's what the SEG can bring to your table:


Research design


Data collection

(qualitative or quantitative)

Data analysis

(qualitative or quantitative)

Interpreting results

Report writing


Developing resources for teaching sport ecology topics

Developing frameworks for managing sport ecology (e.g. climate vulnerability assessment, climate communication strategy)

Co-creating freely-accessible public resources to educate the masses on sport ecology topics


Hosting webinars and events

Speaking at webinars and events

Facilitating workshops on sport ecology topics


Writing op-eds

Providing expert opinion or interviews on sport ecology topics

Developing storylines for sports media on sport ecology topics

SEG Strat Plan 2024.png

Wondering how your goals align with ours?


Check out the 5-year strategy that is guiding our work through 2024. 

Download the strategy here.

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