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A new method to assess the sustainability performance of events (2016)

Despite sustainability becoming a widespread concern in the sport event industry, and the improvements to sustainability management, the authors identified that there remained a lack of comprehensive, standardized tools to evaluate sustainability efforts in events.

This paper presents a measurement tool for environmental sustainability at events. The tool covers sustainable planning, management, and evaluation for events (including carbon footprint assessment.) The standard against which events can be measured is called EBI 2012 (an Italian acronym for 'low impact events'), developed in Italy and validated by the third party certification body called RINA.

The EBI 2012 methodology was adopted for the sustainable planning and evaluation of the 2014 World Orienteering Championships to demonstrate its utility.

CITE: Scrucca, F., Severi, C., Galvan, N. & Brunori, A. (2016). A new method to assess the sustainability performance of events: Application to the 2014 World Orienteering Championship. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 56, 1-11.


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