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Environmental justice in stadium design and construction

Historically major sports stadiums produce limited environmental benefits to those living in the neighborhoods nearby. Like landfills polluting factories and other heavy industrial facilities associated with environmental hazards stadiums may perpetuate existing inequities that further disadvantage communities of color. Conversely, in this short commentary, Kellison discusses how today’s sports stadiums may be used to support environmental justice reforms through innovative sustainable design and thoughtful community outreach. Two contemporary examples Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena are highlighted while acknowledging that neither is without its flaws. Kellison concludes with three directions for future research and a call for critical inquiry that cuts across disciplinary methodological and geographical boundaries.

CITE: Kellison, T. (2022). Green fields, blue skies: Environmental justice through stadium design and operations. International Journal of Sport Management, 23(3), 161–169.


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