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Environmental sustainability in Grand Slam tennis

The purpose of this study was to examine the structure and scope of environmental sustainability efforts of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments as communicated via their websites. Results indicated Grand Slam events focus primarily on energy and water conservation initiatives, increasing sustainable food choices and improving spectators' knowledge about environmental sustainability. Most sustainability programs indicated that formalized strategic planning is largely missing. The findings also suggested that Grand Slam tennis events pursue different trajectories in engaging with sustainability. This makes it important to understand in tandem their organizational conduct, strategies and communication practices. To move forward, there is a need to approach sustainability in a more holistic manner. A holistic view of how sport events engage with the environment can reveal causal patterns and points of leverage to use for initiating a change of practice toward adopting environmentally friendly behaviors. Pertinent efforts should move from a mere focus on communication to finding actionable solutions built upon the interconnectivity of events with allied sectors and the subsequent forging of cross-industry partnerships.

CITE: Trendafilova, S., Pelcher, J., Graham, J., & Ziakas, V. (published online Feb.8, 2021). The ebbs and flows of green waves: Environmental sustainability in Grand Slam tennis. Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal.


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