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Environmental sustainability in sport facilities in East Tennessee (2014)

The study focused on small-scale sport facilities and the type of environmental practices they have in place. More specifically, the objective was to identify challenges associated with the adoption of these practices. Data included semistructured interviews. Results indicated that while in general small scale sport facilities had a recycling program, some with larger capacities had additional programs focusing on energy saving equipment and stations for recharging electrical cars. Challenges such as lack of environmental education, age of facility, limited funding and insufficient human power prevent sport facility managers from adopting environmentally sustainable initiatives. This could be overcome by involving local stakeholders and utilizing their resources and expertise.

CITE: Trendafilova, S., Kellison, T. B., & Spearman, L. (2014). Environmental sustainability in sport facilities in East Tennessee. Journal of Facility Planning, Design, and Management, 2(1), 1–10.


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