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Environmental sustainability in sport facility management (2010)

This consensus-seeking study surveyed facility managers over three iterations to identify trends in the current state of environmental sustainability in facility management.

The results indicate that environmental sustainability (ES) negatively affects and challenges sport facility management with several issues. Some of the key challenges included: - a need for strategies and tools to achieve a reduction in the consumption of resources, - ES training, - sourcing ES products, - the development of ES measurement tools and - ensuring the right people are involved in ES design and implementation. The key challenges involve making ES understandable and easy to use, overcoming apathy, and ensuring compliance.

The respondents indicate that funding for ES initiatives is low, priority levels are moderate though ES is expected to become a higher priority, ES best practices are advancing in areas such as innovation, implementation capabilities, relationships and practices for specific contexts.

CITE: Mallen, C., Adams, L., Stevens, J., & Thompson, L. (2010). Environmental sustainability in sport facility management: A Delphi study. European Sport Management Quarterly, 10(3), 367-389.


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