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Horse Racing: Consequences on Sustainability

The purpose of this study is to challenge calls for banning Thoroughbred breeding and racing by presenting an alternative approach to sustainability. The horseracing industry’s negative impacts on participants, both nonhuman and human, and the environment have become increasingly cited as reasons to ban the sport. In fact, most research has supported banning nonhuman animals use in all sport, leisure, recreation, and entertainment realms. Despite these calls, however, there are consequences that have not yet been theorized or addressed. Stallones and colleagues recognize these consequences within the horseracing industry and offer a model that addresses the issues and promotes sustainability. The Enhanced One Welfare Framework is an extension to the One Welfare model and its ten outcomes for the well-being of all stakeholders, including the planet. Application of this enhanced model within the nonhuman sport and entertainment sector provides practical implications for organizations and governing bodies in the field seeking to create and maintain a sustainable future.

CITE: Stallones, L., McManus, P., & McGreevy, P. (2023). Sustainability and the Thoroughbred breeding and racing industries: An Enhanced One Welfare perspective. Animals, 13, p. 490 – 514. doi: 10.3390/ani13030490


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