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Managing cross-country skiing under climate change: Austria and Finland (2011)

A survey-based study was administered to skiers in Austria and Finland to examine preferences for various climate adaptation strategies (e.g. skiing at a different location, skiing at a different time, substituting a different activity).

It is less risky for Austrian destinations to introduce technical adaptation (e.g. indoor skiing, artificial snow), as well as to expand into additional activity offerings (e.g. snowshoeing), compared to Finnish destinations. The main explanation given was the strong tradition of xc skiing in Finland, combined with an aversion to user fees.

CITE: Landauer, M., Pröbstl, U., & Haider, W. (2011). Managing cross-country skiing destinations under the conditions of climate change – Scenarios for destinations in Austria and Finland. Tourism Management, 33(4), 741-751.


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