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Perceptions of climate change among stakeholders in Australian Alps ski industry (2012)

This interview-based study explores the climate change perceptions of ski-tourism representatives and other regional stakeholders in the Australian Alps. This region is already experiencing some effects of climate change such as rising temperatures, declining rain and snow falls, and shorter skiing seasons.

All interviewees accepted climate change was a reality; several, however, questioned the worst-case scenarios. Social resistance to increased water and electricity use for snowmaking emerged as an important issue. Competition for water, including the needs of ecosystems, agriculture and fire protection in this wildfire-prone region, and fire management issues, is a key concern.

There remains conflict between the ski industry and other stakeholders over climate change adaptation. As such, the authors propose collaborative efforts between stakeholder groups and changes to policy within the Australian Alps.

CITE: Morrison, C., & Pickering, C. (2012). Perceptions of climate change impacts, adaptation and limits to adoption in the Australian Alps: The ski-tourism industry and key stakeholders. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 1-19.


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