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What Holds Venues Back from Environmental Sustainability?

Despite the push towards environmental sustainability efforts in sport and venue management, there remain some who are not going green or are skeptical of the process. This study sought to understand why that is. Managers of public assembly venues where sport and other entertainment events take place were interviewed to ask "what prevents them from going green?" Findings from sixteen interviews found a variety of reasons given by venue managers: lack of funding, lack of time, lack of space or physical capacity, and a lack of personpower. However, in examinination of these findings from the perspective of a Resource Based View (RBV) of the Firm suggests that these venue managers do not view environmental sustainability as a resource which would offer them a competitive advantage over competing venues or within the industry in general. Therefore, because environmental sustainabilty is not going to offer an advantage, it is not given priority compared to other projects that increase revenues or decrease operational costs. This confirms a previous finding that where environmental sustainability may be of value is when it is an added benefit to another project already under consideration.

CITE: Ross, W. J., & Mercado, H. (2020). Barriers to managing environmental sustainability in sport and entertainment venues. Sustainability, 12(24), 10477.


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