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Sport and Sustainable Development: Gender Differences (2020)

This study investigated the concept of sport and sustainable development. Specifically, the research examined gender differences for active sport event participants' socially (SRBI) and environmentally responsible behavioral intentions (ERBI), social bonding, and connectedness to nature. The data collected through web surveys from registered runners of an MPSE in the Southeastern United States. Findings showed that women have significantly higher perceptions of connectedness to nature, SRBI, and ERBI than men. Also, this study suggested that sport events could play a crucial role as a platform for sustainable development interventions.

CITE: Triantafyllidis, S., & Darvin, L. (2020). Mass-participant sport events and sustainable development: Gender, social bonding and connectedness to nature as predictors of socially and environmentally responsible behavioral intentions. Sustainability Science, 16(1), 239-253.


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