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Sport, Covid-19, and Environmental Change

This paper intends to deploy academic research and practical applications for the sport industry to overcome the status quo and enforce positive environmental change on the climate crisis. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it would be necessary to set the foundation of a new era with responsible actions towards the natural environment. The commentary discusses the effect of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on the cancellation of sport operations and events. It presents the key elements of the sport that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions avoided due to the postponement of their practices. Previous research has highlighted the functioning of venues and facilities, execution of mega-scale sport events, mass-participant major events, attendance of participants and their traveling behaviors, overconsumption of goods and services, and the lack of policies are the characteristics that release the most significant amounts of CO2 emissions. Given the reduced numbers of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere due to the cancelation of the sport events globally, this commentary proposes the implementation of an Assessment Index for Carbon Drawdown (AICD) by the most substantial sport event practices that could control the release of CO2 emissions and monitor their frequency in order to achieve carbon neutrality.

CITE: Triantafyllidis, S. (2020). Environmental change, the sport industry, and Covid-19. In P.M. Pedersen, B.J. Ruihley, & B. Li, Sport and the pandemic: Perspectives on Covid-19’s impact on the sport industry (pp. TBD). Routledge.


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