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Sustainability scholarship and the efforts of the sport sector (2018)

The study aimed to evaluate the state of scholarship on environmental sustainability over an 11-year period (2007–2017) and to determine whether scholarship in this domain is addressing (or not) the efforts of the sport sector using rapid review methodology. A total of 96 peer-reviewed journals were identified and reviewed for manuscripts related to the topic. Results indicated that areas of interest were: performance/evaluation, marketing/communication, fan engagement/behaviors, procurement, facility management, managerial decision-making, and social sustainability. The main focus of research was on management/decision making, fan behavior and facilities management, while the least emphasized areas were performance evaluation and social sustainability. This calls for scholars and practitioners to combine efforts and ensure that a well planned collaboration is in place, grounded on a clear channel of communication, and an open dialogue.

CITE: Trendafilova, S., & McCullough, B. P. (2018). Environmental sustainability scholarship and the efforts of the sport sector: A rapid review of literature. Cogent Social Sciences, 4(1), 1–15.


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