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The carbon footprint of away games in Junior Hockey (2012)

Chris Chard, PhD and Cheryl Mallen, PhD at Brock University studied the carbon footprint of away game travel with a junior hockey team. Interviews were conducted with parents of junior level hockey players to determine the amount (distance) of car travel used for away games. The carbon footprint of this travel was then calculated using CarbonZero and PlanetAir.

The teams journeyed 44,036km (“A” team) and 33,477km (“AAA” team), respectively, for “away” games, and the total environmental impact of this travel was approximately 20 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is suggested that reorganizing the league boundaries (geographic area included in the league) might reduce the total travel, as would changing the hockey schedules.

CITE: Chard, C., & Mallen, C. (2012). Examining the linkages between automobile use and carbon impacts of community-based ice hockey. Sport Management Review, 15(4), 476-484.


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