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What can we learn from COVID-19 regarding managing crises?

The purpose of this article is to critically scope the resilience landscape to help further understand how studies on both international sports events (ISEs) specifically, and both sport and event management studies more generally, could be better informed by disaster management and resilience studies. Based on the scoping review of past and present studies within the domain of crisis and disaster management, a proposed thematic framework is introduced highlighting a series of resilience research agendas that merit further investigation in the context of future studies in sport event management. Many of the key themes identified (e.g., an exploration of crowd/fan behaviors, the risk perceptions of sport fans, or aspects of social, community and individual resilience) address human behavior as it occurs in sport, event, and leisure society.The article also introduces the concept of sport event and venue resilience, which is currently attracting the attention of, and gaining traction with, practitioners in the international disaster management academic and practitioner communities.

Miles, L. & Shipway, R. (2020). Exploring the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for stimulating future research agendas for managing crises and disasters at international sport events. Event Management, 24, 537-552.


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