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Climate Change and skiing in U.S. Northeast: Supply and demand changes are likely (2010)

Dr. Jackie Dawson (University of Ottawa) and Dr. Daniel Scott (University of Waterloo) studied 103 ski areas across the Northeast U.S. to understand the likely supply and demand changes in skiing due to climate change. A systems-based approach (supply and demand side analyses) was used to examine adaptation efforts in future.

Viable ski areas will be fewer and the geographic distribution will shift northward. Demand is not likely to decrease proportionally to reductions in supply (ski area closures).

Ski areas that stay open should plan for a market-shift (i.e. spatial substitution) away from zones with unreliable snow, toward areas with better snow. The areas with good, reliable snow conditions may experience crowding and pressure to develop.

CITE: Dawson, J., & Scott, D. (2010). Systems Analysis of Climate Change Vulnerability for the US Northeast Ski Sector. Journal of Tourism Hospitality and Planning Development, 7(3), 219–235.


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