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CO2 emissions and sustainable transportation in the sports industry (2018)

This paper discusses the role and significance of CO2 emissions policies and how these ought to influence sport event and facility management.

The main sources of CO2 emissions at events are facility operations and transportation (fan transport and team transport). As such, these areas should be given extra attention and mitigated internally, through innovative technologies such as renewable energy sources and electric car charging stations. However, in addition to internal measures of mitigating CO2 emissions, the author proposes that policies should be developed that target sport organizations and any event with high attendance numbers such that increased pressure is put on organizers to consider their CO2 emissions. Proposals are advanced, including collaboration with public transportation services, and increasing spectator awareness with respect to their negative impacts on the environment, to curb overall emissions.

Cite: Triantafyllidis, S. (2018). Carbon dioxide emissions research and sustainable transportation in the sports industry. Journal of Carbon Research, 4(57), 5.


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