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Collaboration between sustainability departments and athletics departments (2015)

The study aimed to understand the collaboration efforts (if any) between sustainability offices on college/university campuses and the athletic departments. Interviews with 17 participants were conducted with results indicating the importance of relationship development, communication, decision-making development, collaborative efforts, and challenges associated with the development of relationships between the sustainability offices and the athletic departments. Although the sustainability office plays a greater role in the decision making process when it comes to sustainability efforts, collaboration requires a deeper understanding of the other, therefore, the importance of engaging the athletics department personnel despite their focus on other priorities.

CITE: Pfahl, M., Casper, J., Trendafilova, S., McCullough, B. P., & Nguyen, S. N. (2015). Crossing boundaries: An examination of sustainability department and athletics department collaboration regarding environmental issues. Communication & Sport, 3(1), 27–56.


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