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Community sport clubs in the aftermath of natural disasters (2015)

This study explores the provision of resources to community sport clubs in the aftermath of flooding events in 2010 and 2011, as well as the influence on power relations between the clubs and resource providers. Following the disasters, the sport clubs experienced negative outcomes such as damaged grounds and facilities, closures, and reduction in membership.

Focus groups and interviews were employed at nine site visits.

It was found that community sport clubs have three resource providers: volunteers and members, partner organisations, and the government. The results indicate that relations between clubs and members, volunteers, partner organisations and government were impacted by the disasters in different ways.

Volunteers and members contributed needed labour to the clubs, accelerating the recovery process. Their presence also added psychological benefits to all involved as the teamwork and sense of community elevated spirits. Partner organizations provided equipment and grants that supported the recovery. Governments offered labour, grant funding, and in some cases, equipment, all of which contributed meaningfully to the recovery efforts.

CITE: Filo, K., Cuskelly, G., & Wicker, P. (2015). Resource utilisation and power relations of community sport clubs in the aftermath of natural disasters. Sport Management Review, 18(4), 555-569.


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