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Do motorsport fans care about environmental issues?

Using the revised New Ecological Paradigm (NEP), the author examined the environmental attitudes of those attending a series of major racing events in Monterey County, California. Despite the fact racing events are traditionally considered not to be environmentally sustainable, the author found respondents' NEP scores were similar to those found in other event and nonevent research. No significant differences in sustainability attitudes were found based on personal characteristics (e.g., age, income). Interestingly, the author found an inverse relationship between environmental attitudes and spending such that those with less sustainable environmental worldviews spent more per day and per trip than those with more sustainable environmental worldviews. Implications for scholars in event management, sustainability, and marketing are discussed.

CITE: Bachman, J. R. (2020) Motorsport event attendees: Who are they, what is their environmental worldview, and how does it relate to trip spending? Event Management, 24(5), 629–644.


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