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Examining fan engagement based on athletics department sustainability efforts (2014)

This study examined intercollegiate sport fans’ environmental behavior intentions at a green game sporting event (a sporting event where the promotional theme of the event focuses on environmentalism).

- A total of 8,445 people were sent surveys via email and 2,942 were completed in the one-week time frame. - A majority of respondents were not aware of the theme before arriving at the game (79%). Only 2% of respondents successfully recalled the Green Game slogan (Sustain your [name of university]: Game Day and Everyday). - Most participants participated in recycling in the stadium (77%) and at the tailgate (75%). - Other activities recalled by the participants were announcements on the video board (34%), news about the sustainability theme on the website and/or social media platforms (18%), and the mascot wearing a Green Game t-shirt (14%). Some participants visited the green tailgate demonstration (12%), some composting at the stadium (6%), and a few read press releases or articles about the game (4%).

CITE: Casper, J. M., Pfahl, M. E., & McCullough, B. (2014). Intercollegiate sport and the environment: Examining fan engagement based on athletics department sustainability efforts. Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 7, 65–91.


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