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Growing Sustainable Cities Through Sport and Events

This study investigated the role of sport and events in the growing cities and aimed to examine how they can contribute on sustainable development.

Sport events aim to attract more visitors to the cities and to establish a successful social and economically sustainable future to those places. Also, transportation is a critical factor of the residents and the visitors’ behavior, it is crucial to research the quantity of CO2 emissions generated to those places in association with the

travel behaviors of the active sport event participants.

This research found that most of the active sport event participants traveled more than 150 miles to participate in the race and they used their vehicles. The largest quantity of CO2 emissions derived from those participants who traveled a round trip of, on average, 500 miles. The long-distance travelers alone generated 338 million kg of CO2 emissions. The conclusions recommend that growing cities and sport events should target long-distance travelers for promotions concerning sustainable transportation.

In summary, sport events could play a crucial role in the development of growing cities, and, in turn, growing cities that control long-distance traveling behaviors can reduce the global amount of greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the global environmental destruction.

CITE: Triantafyllidis, S., & Davakos, H. (2019). Growing cities and mass participant sport events: Traveling behaviors and carbon dioxide emissions. C, 5(3), 49.


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