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Marketing pro-environmental venues (2014)

Standardized open-ended interviews were conducted with 10 professional sport administrators familiar with their organizations’ sustainable facility design and initiatives (only LEED certified facilities were included).

- A primary theme extracted in the interviews was the hope of reaching out to nonfans in the community. The teams’ perception that they can use social activity such as environmentally conscious building to attract new consumers suggests that they see a strong interaction between the social and economic aspects of the TBL.

- When the teams’ leadership and decision makers express strongly pro-environmental business philosophies, their organizations’ attention to environmental causes take precedence.

CITE: Kellison, T. B., & Kim, Y. K. (2014). Marketing pro-environmental venues in professional sport: Planting seeds of change among existing and prospective consumers. Journal of Sport Management, 28(1), 34-48.


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