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Olympic Games for Legacy and Sustainability

This research explores the links between remediating land for Olympic event spaces and the pursuit of legacy. In order to compensate for the costs and inconvenience originally incurred in hosting the Games, it explores ways in which the redevelopment of the sizeable spaces planned for the event takes its position in larger strategies intended to offer long-term benefits to the host city and community. The research explores six areas:

1) diverse nature of brownfield land and highlights salient characteristics of its remediation for use in urban regeneration

2) background to Olympic legacy

3) remediation as an option as employed recently in Olympic games

4) approaches to implementing remediation

5) Sydney & London

6) commentary on the wider narratives of transformation associated with deployment of remediation

CITE: Gold, J. R., & Gold, M. M. (2020). Land remediation, event spaces and the pursuit of Olympic legacy. Geography Compass, e12495.


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