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Sport Communication for Environmental Sustainability

Sports organizations across North America promote and assert deep commitments to environmental issues through performance signaling and communication. This research aims to explore this communication strategy (website communications) as it relates to environmental initiatives in sport organizations from the major professional sport leagues in North America. The websites of 147 North American sport organizations and their associated venue websites for environmental performance signaling communications. It was found that only I organization published a comprehensive sustainability report on its website, though 42 of the teams did have dedicated webpages referring to its environmental initiatives. However, most of these pages highlighted fan engagement, not measurement metrics or performance summaries. The lack of reporting presents many questions worthy of further exploration for academics and areas of consideration for practitioners to understand why sustainability metrics are not being reported.

CITE: McCullough, B. P., Pelcher, J., & Trendafilova, S. (2020). An Exploratory Analysis of the Environmental Sustainability Performance Signaling Communications among North American Sport Organizations. Sustainability, 12(5), 1950.


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