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The future of the Olympic Winter Games (2015)

Projected climate change scenarios are used to predict the ability of 19 previous host cities to provide suitable conditions for outdoor winter sport competition in future.

In a best case, low emissions scenario, only 10 past host-cities remain viable in the 2050s (Albertville, Calgary, St. Moritz, Salt Lake City, Sapporo, Beijing, Lake Placid, Lillehammer, Nagano). The same 10 cities are viable in the 2080s under a low emissions scenario.

However, should emissions remain high, only 4 cities would have reliable climates in 2080 to host the Winter Games: Albertville, Calgary, Salt Lake City and Beijing.

CITE: Scott, D., Steiger, M., Rutty, M. & Johnson, R. (2015). The future of the Olympic Winter Games in an era of climate change. Current Issues in Tourism, 18(10), 910-930.


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