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The impact of snow scarcity on ski tourism (2011)

Using the record-warm winter weather statistics of 2006-2007, this study explores the sensitivity of ski businesses and related tourism sector in Tyrol, Austria in future warm winter conditions.

The overall impact on ski areas was relatively small at the regional level, though the analysis on the basis of individual organizations shows high sensitivity among small and medium ski areas, particularly at low altitudes. Climate change is expected to increase the risk of financial losses for ski and tourism economies at the organizational and regional levels. The author explains that long-term effects of warmer winters cannot be adequately assessed as the aggregate impacts over time cannot be anticipated nor can response mechanisms.

CITE: Steiger, R. (2011). The impact of snow scarcity on ski tourism. An analysis of the record warm season 2006/07 in Tyrol (Austria). accepted: Tourism Review.


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