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Going green in baseball – a case study of the SK Wyverns (2016)

This study examined the marketing of a pro baseball team in South Korea and their green campaign. Specifically, the event examined the environmental, social, and economic gains of the community of of Korean baseball through this campaign.

Interviews were conducted with 12 constituents of the green marketing campaign, and the author participated as an observer at seven separate trips to the team's stadium and to meetings. Additionally, corporate documents were collected and analyzed. The role of the researcher as an advisor to the Wyvern’s green marketing initiative from the onset provided rare access to these multiple and different sources of evidence, which helped to establish the trustworthiness of the results.

The team managed achieved environmental, social and economic gains from the green campaign. The author attributes the success of the campaign to the organization's capacity for innovative thinking to address the issue of expensive up-front costs.

Choi, J.-S. A. (2016). Going green in baseball – a case study of the SK Wyverns. International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, 17(4), 368–379.


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