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The behavioral impact of a sport and the environment course (2015)

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a one-week Sport and the Environment course on students‘ beliefs about the environment and their environmentally focused behavior at their place of work.

The pre-class treatment group was found to have an ecological worldview of M = 2.79. When retested after the class, the treatment group‘s ecological worldview rose to M = 2.92, representing a marginally improved ecological worldview.

Results indicated direct environmental behavior in the workplace was rated highest by the pre-class treatment group (M = 3.23) followed by the pre-class control group (M = 3.06), and finally the post-class treatment group (M = 2.86). Essentially, environmental behaviors at work were higher before the course than after the course.

The authors conclude: "the results from the current chapter are not overly positive with respect to the efficacy of the class in changing the ecological worldview of the students or their environmental work behavior, [however,] the importance of the issue should not be undermined."

CITE: Greenhalgh, G., LeCrom, C. W., & Dwyer, B. (2015). Going green? The behavioral impact of a sport and the environment course. Journal of Contemporary Athletics, 9(1), 49–59.


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